10 Steps to Creating Your Own Web Pages

1. Download a FTP program.

A FTP (file transfer protocol) program lets you transfer documents from your hard drive to your web site and vice versa. Ipswitch FTP-Home offers a free trial version to get you started.

The program provides two windows, one on the left with documents from any folder 웹하드  you choose in your hard drive, and one on the right for your live web site. Between the windows is a column with two arrows pointing in opposite directions.

2. Input your web site’s FTP address, user name and password in the three boxes at the top of the screen.

You can get these from your webmaster, hosting company or I.T. person if you don’t already know them. After entering the items, the files from your live web site will load into the right-hand window.

3. Download a standard page from your live web site.

Simply highlight the file in the right-hand window and click on the arrow pointing from right to left.


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