Is There Really Life After Death?

Is there really life after death? The only person that can give this question a definite yes or no answer is someone who has died. There are those who have experienced what they refer to as a near death experiences, but the question arises as to whether they were actually in a death state or whether they were experiencing this only in their minds. Most of the retelling of these near death experiences by way of people who have undergone them, that I have heard, seem to be based on common concepts of heaven and hell, religious and non-religious beliefs, and are more or less cultural and societal specific in their details of their near death experiences.

Not discounting what these people have experienced as simply an example of vivid imaginations, but since the experiences are so similar one would come to the conclusion, even if falsely, that these people have a very similar belief system pertaining to life, faith, and a God head, and share a common knowledge, whether from reading or from movies and television, about what a person is to experience at death. These people are true believes in a specific type of afterlife because of what they have undergone during this transition period mortal cognizance and the vast unknown.

During my life I have come very close to death a number of times and not once during any of those times have I experienced the near death experience that is depicted universally by so many others. I remember when I was drowning and after the initial panic of feeling my life slipping away from me, I drifted off into a blissful peace. It was during those moments of peace that I began seeing quick snapshots of my life. All of the scenes were of my mother either alone or of my interacting with my mother. All of the scenes were happy ones of my mother laughing and smiling and her and me getting along very lovingly.


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